Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Do you need expensive technology to become a trader?

All you really need is your investment capital, a computer or a smart phone and a working internet!


How do I trade after I've made the investment?

The company already has trained and selected professional traders who takes care of all your trades. Each trader is constantly being reviewed and credibility scores awarded from time to time according to the performance of the trader per trade. Pick only the traders provided by the company during your investment and leave the work for the company.


Are there any cost or hidden fees after I sign up with the company?

Not at all. The brokerage platform, software, charting, indicators, tools, strategies and support are all included in the one-time payment


Is trading risking risky? Can I lose a lot of money?

Any form of investing or trading has risks involved. With that being said most professional traders do not risk more than 1% of their total capital on any trade. Here at FX COIN, we've used our best analysis and tools to reduce trading risks to a level where the company takes full responsibility for any trades gone bad. Of course, our team of professional traders and we'll equipped trading robots got that covered.


Why is an additional bonus been added to cryptocurrency investors especially the bitcoin investors?

It is a known fact that the cryptocurrency especially the bitcoin has been the number one in the world's currency exchange chart and with our well established mining systems, bitcoin investors really deserves to be awarded bonuses. Furthermore, this is been done to encourage our investors to be well educated in cryptocurrencies as it is a welcome development in many countries all over the world.

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