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FXCOIN TRADE specializes in the development of automated trading software in the Forex market and we are also backed up by a unit of FXCOIN TRADE that is focused on Bitcoin Mining. Our team consists of members with over 10 years of experience in the market. Our aim has always been to develop a fully automated trading software, with which our investors may also use to participate in the Forex market. As a result, today, the company can offer a fully automatic trading software to its customers. It allows trading in the Forex exchange market without needing to be an expert. Our customers can now trade in this highly complex market with excellent profits.






1. The FOREX exchange market has the highest capital turnover in the world with millions of investors from all over the world.



2. No matter the market fluctuations, our system is built to deal with it and reduce high risk of loss to the minimum. We support profits earnings by mining of bitcoins too to ensure pay out.


3. Our team is filled with experienced specialists who work constantly on the improvement of our trading strategy to optimize steady profit earnings.


We pledge to continue providing our customers with quality service by supporting them with great offers and knowledge about trading. We know that you will enjoy using our unique services and products. As one of our customers, you are highly valued and we look forward to serving you for a long time. Therefore, we are always striving to provide the best possible service for the use of our products. We thank you so much for choosing and trusting FXCOIN TRADE and we wish you success in your various endeavors.


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